Coronavirus vaccines are being tested for their side-effects in Norway especially to safeguard elderly people. So far, the country has seen the deaths of 23 patients who have been vaccinated recently.

The overall impact of the vaccine is not so visible, but after the deaths of 23 people in Norway, the situation is likely to get worse. Elderly people are not able to cope with the symptoms that may persist for a longer period of time.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health has released precautionary measures to make sure that elderly people meet the criteria. If they are unable to sustain the vaccine, it is practically useless for them to be vaccinated in the first place.

The side-effects can be fatal in some cases and it is, therefore, advised to make sure that the people are checked beforehand. Some people have a weak immune system and the COVID-19 vaccine may wreak havoc within those are compromised. It is feared that this death toll may increase after the elderly are being vaccinated as their immune systems remain weak.

Norway is still rolling out vaccines and they have so far vaccinated over 40,000 people, with healthcare workers and the elderly being given priority.

The most important aspect that needs to be studied is that the demographics of the deaths occurring in the country.

Pfizer’s vaccine was first rolled out in America and this was done after the approval of the FDA. This approval is considered to be a guarantee in a country like America, but this does not rule out the side-effects.

NOMA is taking care of the situation as they have started extensive research on people, who have died after getting vaccinated.