Allie Rae made a career change – instead of treating patients, she makes easy cash on Onlyfans. 

A nurse named Allie Rae made a drastic change to her career to take advantage of her bikini body on the platform named Onlyfans. She must have patted herself on the back after seeing the shocking results. 

On Wednesday, Newyork Post newspaper shared a story of a nurse named Allie Rae who is currently 37 and a mother of three. She worked in a Boston-area intensive care unit but was forced to quit her job as the co-workers and employers found out about her secondary trade: an OnlyFan profile with more than 69,000 followers, and the number seems to be rising with time constantly. 

Allie was among the frontline workers during the Covid-19 battle at the hospital, which required her to do 14 hours shifts oftentimes. The constant stress she faced every day ultimately made her follow her dream and pursue what she has always loved to do.

As per the post, she started on Instagram by posting sexy bikini posts, which got 76000 followers, and now she became an adult content creator after getting constant appreciation for her slim body at Onlyfans. 

Allie revealed to The Post that “I posted like two photos and had people sign up for probably two weeks without me posting anything. They just eagerly awaited my posts”. According to the rising X rating star, her husband also got involved in her recordings. 

She added, “After that first month, month and a half, we got $ 8,000 easily, it was crazy. As a nurse, I was earning six, maybe seven thousand a month, so it was real money, ”

She remained cautious all that time when she worked at the facility and kept her legal name private. However, she mentioned “six colleagues” who tried their best to create problems for her as they found out about her second profession.

Ultimately, last spring, six colleagues stalked Allie’s account on Onlyfans, took screenshots of her work, and sent them to the hospital staff to elevate problems for her.

Allie said They had to pay to do this (the screenshots)… this was, in my opinion, very ‘Bad Girls’. It was probably someone I was working with day after day, and doing this behind my back and judging me that way, really, was difficult,”

After getting exposed, Allie was given the ultimatum from the hospital to either abandon her Onlyfan profile or leave the hospital. She chose the latter one for which she is more than satisfied – according to the Newyork newspaper.

She was a respected nurse and an outstanding performer in her unit. After knowing about her second profession, several other nurses approached her in support and asked for her advice on creating their profile on Onlyfans.