It appears that the pandemic in the U.S. is going down as there is a decrease in the number of new positive cases.

However, the deaths had just doubled than the previous week, which is a cause for concern.

Relief for the small-scale businesses would be approved by the Congress in coming days.

In Europe, there has also been an increase in the number of deaths, so the situation might gravitate as Italy, France, and Spain struggle to keep their cases in check.

Just before the pandemic, Russians had stockpiled notes.

A teleconference was arranged by Saudi Arabia where the officials of the health ministry were invited. They announced to the public that they had found loopholes in the current economic system, especially regarding the healthcare department. They further pressed that the gap can only be filled by sharing knowledge with the world and by helping each other in this global crisis.

A higher peak was recorded as the cases in the U.S. raised by 5.6%, which was more than the average recorded last week. The number of new cases may be going down, but the mortality rate has increased by 12%.

According to the World Health Organization, this pandemic would not be easily controlled. Rather they expect the second spell of COVID-19.

The lockdown implemented in many parts of the world is being lifted gradually as countries cannot see the end of the virus yet and preparations have to be made for the next phase of COVID-19.

The Governor of New York was ecstatic to announce that they have been able to report the lowest average for deaths in a day since April. He said that if this continues, they would soon be able to take down the virus.

However, the safety measure should still be observed because it is not the end yet. They will be out of danger if the number and cases continue to drop.

He also said that after the pandemic is over, they would be facing a new challenge due to the development of resistance against several drugs.