Barack Obama appears to have a minor interest in his approach towards his big birthday celebration, which at this stage is still looking quite massive.

Saturday, ex-Prez was spotted playing golf along with his pals in the Vineyard of Martha, not far away from home to this later tonight’s great party — which, while he says it was toned down, was nevertheless expected to attract a huge audience.

BO does not appear to care at all, since he was all grinning at the connection. The obvious difference between his declared objectives.

See these pictures of Barack Obama dressed in grey, hitting a few of big shots on the fairway – it’s as polished as ever – even if it shanks one he didn’t appear to do much here. As indicated by its flimsy hand wraps, he also appears to have taken measures to combat blisters.

These are the same good times that we witnessed last night before the party, when a crowd of people (up to three hundred of them, we were informed) came together for a pre-game, to laugh at a house Barry seems to have rented for the occasion. This is the big tent which he has for the night on reserve. It is worth noting.

It looks as if Barack was overflowing with excitement for a game after a wild night of partying.

As said before, people on the island are furious by the multi-night meetings, not least because the local roads are closed.