Barack Obama has publicly criticized Trump at a rally in Florida about how he has downplayed the coronavirus pandemic and mishandled the crisis. This goes against the long tradition as former presidents usually don’t criticize the current president.

He has been making appearances at rallies to endorse Joe Biden who is the Democratic presidential nominee.

He mocked the president for complaining about the coronavirus constantly and said jokingly that Trump is jealous of the media coverage the pandemic is receiving.

The president was reported saying these words at a rally in North Carolina. He criticized the media for focusing on the pandemic too much and also went on to say that the case numbers and the death toll is exaggerated.

Obama continued to lay into him, saying that the COVID-19 crisis would not have aggravated if Trump had taken the pandemic seriously and took steps to counter it. He also mentioned the White House had two outbreaks in one month.

After a social gathering was held at the White House to celebrate the nomination of Amy Coney Barret, Trump and his wife along with one of his sons contracted the virus including many other prominent people as well.

Obama criticizes Trump for mishandling the pandemic Not long after this, Mike Pence’s staff was also reported to have tested positive. Despite this, another party was held in the White House after Barret’s confirmation.

Mike Meadows, the chief of staff, admitted that the administration will not be able to control the pandemic. Obama also spoke on this statement, saying that even though, the second wave of the virus is approaching fast, the White House has given up on managing the pandemic.

He also goes on to support Biden, stating that the country cannot survive four more years of this careless attitude of the Trump administration and that is why Biden must win the election.

Trump has responded to Obama’s criticism on Twitter, saying that it was a fake speech with no crowd. Moreover, he also attacked Fox News for covering the speech, which is a conservative news channel.

He also held a rally recently in Wisconsin and continued to dismiss concerns about the coronavirus even though cases in the state are at an all-time high.