If you are new here, welcome. This is a tiny section where we elaborately analyze gaming chairs, there have been a few versions of this before. Each with a different brand chair so that you can have a variety of options to compare and choose the one you like best. The previous version of this review featured the Respawn 900 Reclining Gaming Chair that you can check out here.

The purpose of this Ohaho Gaming Chair is to analyze whether it is worth buying or not. And whether it is only worth buying if you are interested in using it for gaming-related activities. Which in most cases is not true. A comfortable chair, made with ergonomic functions can be used for pretty much any activity that you can do sitting down.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the chair, its functions, and features, if it’s any different from the other chairs or worth it for the money. Starting with a little about Ohaho as a company and then on to the specific product we’re going to be reviewing today.


Ohaho is a local gaming chair manufacturing company that has only gaming chairs so far in its product line. For many gaming gear, equipment, and furniture companies, the product portfolio is a little longer and diverse even if constrained within the gaming equipment category. However, for Ohaho, it seems they have focused on gaming chairs only for now.

The top three aims for Ohaho are professional customer service, commitment to quality, and 100% customer satisfaction. These make for pretty good goals if you can maintain each of them, you maintain a good customer retention rate. The ability to rely on a product to be what you expect and what is claimed of it is what customers look for ultimately.

Ohaho has used the standards and added a touch of innovative features or two, to make the same old gaming chair appear more appealing and useful. There is more you can do with a gaming chair than the name tells you. It is called a gaming chair by virtue of its original use, but it does not have to be restricted to that. That is the thing Ohaho does well, it makes a chair that is comfortable and efficient despite what you use it for.  

Ohaho 501 Series Gaming Chair

Finally, onto the product, we’re all here for. In our previous reviews, the chairs have been different, with one of the other distinguishing features. For Ohaho 501 Racing Style Gaming Chair, there are different aspects to be considered. Let’s start with its basic specifications and then elaborate on each of them.


ProductOhaho 501 Series Gaming Chair with Footrest and Massage White
Available ColorRed, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow
Seat MaterialPU Leather
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Item weight‎49.6 pounds
Dimensions‎21 x 26 x 52 inches
Additional package itemsFootrest, Massage feature
Adjustable Backrest90-180° adjustable angle


Design-wise, there are two main things to consider, the material that the chair is made of, and the flexibility or movement it has. Both of these things are highly objective depending on how they work out, for us to determine if they are a good fit for a gaming chair.


The chair is made of high-quality PU leather that enables it to embody the entire racing car style look. Leather is a material that is comfortable to sit on for longer periods, granted your inner padding is accurate. The metal frame of the chair is covered by a high-density sponge that is just thick enough to make it work. People have occasionally complained about the Ohaho Gaming Chair having sponge support that might just be too firm on the body, but that is the role of an ergonomic chair. The wheels at the bottom are Mute PU to protect from any damage on the floor, in case you move the chair around. The material over the chair is not irritating on the skin and it is easy to clean off whenever you need to


The ergonomic design of the chair is not restricted to how the material covering the chair supports your body. It also extends towards how much flexibility it is for you to adjust the chair around and make it comfortable for yourself. The backseat is 90-180 degrees adjustable, so you can move it and relax in the middle of whatever your activity is, whether you’re gaming, working, or watching movies.  The headrest and lumbar cushion are removable so you don’t have to get stuck with them. The bottom has a 360° swivel round base with a tilt lock function to adjust and lock it in place. This entire flexible feature makes it easier for people with different weight capacity and mobility requirements to have the product as they like and find it most comfortable.

Additional features

Then comes our additional features part, which makes this chair what it is, which adds an extra positive star to the overall review. These are a mix of some adjustability options to an innovative feature in a regular gaming chair.

USB electric massager

Few chairs and their manufacturers think to go beyond the basic features of a gaming chair, to give the customers something extra to enable comfort. The USB-enabled electric massager is an innovative addition that makes the chair amp up to its competitor chairs. And this is after considering multiple reviews of users who admitted that the massage feature has helped their neck and back pains. This additional feature is a golden star in the chair’s review.

Adjustable seat height and armrest

Apart from the base swivel and back seat adjustment, the seat height and armrests are also adjustable. The armrests have brought in some complaints, where users have found them problematic to lock in one place after adjustment. Meanwhile, the seat height adjustability just brings more of that accessibility factor in. Based on your height you can move the seat up or down. Having the option to adjust these features gives you plenty of room to find your comfortable position in a chair, sit back and relax for an hour or day.

Retractable footrest

This should also be a basic requirement but many companies still don’t include it. A footrest makes it comfortable for the feet to rest at a platform and not stretch entirely the whole time you are on the chair. Posture plays a huge role in a person’s fitness and physical health. Having comfortable and flexible options around you is the best solution to any kind of fatigue your body faces. When you recline your chair and layout the footrest, you have a perfect position to even take a nap if you wish. And the footrest is retractable, meaning just as you can rid the headrest when you don’t require it, you can pull in the footrest and it will fold into the chair.

  • Variety of colors
  • Adjustable armrest and seat height
  • Ergonomic design
  • Electric massage feature
  • Reclining function with leg rest
  • The instruction manual is not very coherent
  • Too firm cushion seat
  • Sensitive/not firm arm swivel lock

At long last, here are the top main pros and cons of this chair, that are highlighted above the table in grave details as well. Highlighting the cons along with pros gives room for the buyer to decide on a buying decision based on fact, which is the point of these reviews we bring you. Based on what we have learned, the pros outweigh the cons, and we think this chair is a good buy. Here are our top 3 reasons why:


Barely any manufacturer offers this many features, that work well, in this price tag. It’s usually a $500 mark that covers it, so getting this one is a matter of straight economic benefit, first and foremost.


Second, not going to highlight all the features we already discussed, but the features are the main reason this is a buy. They all add up to bring you a chair that is worthy of being in your house and aiding you in your adventures, professional or otherwise.


The flexible adjustments, weight capacity are a few talking points that bring accessibility to this chair on the table. It is not just a good chair, it is a chair that is good for a wide range of people, unique in their differences.

We hope this Ohaho Gaming Chair review helps you decide what you think about this one. This is still an objective review, but it is objectively good, since the product demands it, in the sincerity of the review. If we had to, we’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.