A 16-year-old named Ma Khiya Bryant was fatally shot on Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio. The police officers claimed that they had been notified of a stabbing at 4.30 pm and the tragic Ohio shooting took place just a while later. Just a few minutes after the shot, Bryant was taken to the hospital. However, she couldn’t make it till there and was declared dead at 5.30 pm.

The shooting sparked a series of comments, including that of Ned Pettus, the director of the Columbus Department of Public Safety. He expressed his sheer sorrow for the death of Bryant and declared that the family “is in agony and deserves answers.” He reiterated his previous statement and mentioned that if the officer involved in the Ohio shooting was found guilty of breaking the law, he would be held accountable at any cost.

In a press conference called by the police to discuss the Ohio shooting, the authorities presented the recorded body camera footage. In the clip, the police officer is seen making his way to some young girls who were involved in a heated fight. According to the police and the video, the officer shot Ma Khiya Brant as soon as she attempted to stab two girls. The police officers claimed that the alleged victim was not only aiming to stab one girl but was also going to go for the “second female that is pushed onto the vehicle.”

A proper investigation would be conducted by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The news of the Ohio shooting was affirmed by Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, who took to Twitter and expressed his sentiments on the “young woman that tragically lost her life.” Ginther also stated that the BCI is working towards finding answers by conducting an extensive investigation and examination of the Ohio shooting. Moreover, he asked the people of the city to remain composed, as all information regarding the shooting of Ma Khiya Bryant will be released in due time.

The 16-year-old victim’s aunt told the press how Bryant was a good girl; loving and kind, who did not deserve a death like this at any cost. Ma Khiya Bryant’s shooting happened just a few hours before Derek Chauvin was found guilty in the murder of George Floyd.