According to the USGS, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake was felt along the borders of Oklahoma and Kansas on Friday. There are no reports of damage but the residents are worried as several aftershocks have hit the area since the earthquake was reported.

The center of the 4.2 magnitude earthquake is reported to be near Manchester. The area is located 55 miles northwest of Oklahoma, and is home to more than 100 households,

The earthquake was recorded at 7:56 am. Geologists have claimed drilling and waste by oil companies as the possible cause of current earthquakes. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has ordered companies to halt their operations within the area of 3 miles.

Not only the earthquake in Oklahoma and Kansas has affected that area, but a winter storm has also been forecasted by the weather department. The severe weather has killed more than 57 people in the area.

The recent storms and earthquakes have exposed severe environmental issues, and many environmentalists have warned that the region will experience extreme weather conditions in the wake of climate change.