A guy in Oklahoma has been taken into custody and charged with rape in connection with the suspected pregnancy of a twelve-year-old girl.

Juan Miranda-Jara, 24 years old, reportedly went into Tulsa’s Hillcrest Hospital on the 14th of July with a kid in labour.

Doctors contacted the police to report a rape case, and Miranda-Jara was detained. Miranda-Jara allegedly informed police that he was the father of the kid and seemed to be perplexed by the situation.

A Tulsa Police officer said that they entered like any other couple, eager to birth their newborn kid.

Fox News reached out to the Tulsa Police Department for more information but did not get a response prior to publishing.

Miranda-Jara’s connection with the 12-year-old girl is unknown at the moment. Investigators are attempting to put together how Miranda-Jara became pregnant with the girl and how the pregnancy progressed to full term without anybody notifying authorities.

The office added that they recognize that there are many members of the community that are startled, grossed out, upset, have questions, and experience a variety of emotions and that they will eventually be able to provide the people with the answers they need. He said that they just do not have all the answers at the moment, and they do not want to jeopardize the ongoing inquiry, which has only recently begun.

Miranda-Jara’s bail is set at $50,000. His first court appearance is scheduled on August 26. Bean said that Miranda-Jara may face further charges pending the result of the inquiry.

Miranda-Jara’s counsel is not listed in online records.