The St. Louis City Justice Centre witnessed a riot of inmates on Saturday. The inmates threw debris on the street and set a property on fire due to their concerns. This extremely violent chaos took the correction officers approximately eight hours to put an end to it. The authorities from St. Louis jail reported that the riot ended around 10 a.m. 

Dozens of individuals gathered around and tried to contain the situation as well. The people nearby witnessed inmates throwing chairs, mattresses, a stationary bike, and many other things on the street for hours while they were burning. Many people also saw flames inside the building from the windows. The authorities from St. Louis reported considerable financial damage.

Jimmie Edwards, the Public Safety Director at St. Louis said that their automated system of P.A indicated that all cells were locked. Whereas, they were actually unlocked, which allowed many prisoners to escape from their prison cells and gather in the unit. 

The St. Louis administration has promptly decided to take notice of this negligence and take all the necessary measures for it. 

Tear gas was used by corrections officers for regaining control. The authorities told the press that all of the 115 inmates were involved in this riot, that is why they have been taken back into custody.

Several complaints were also put forward by the inmates. It was claimed by the prisoners that they had become frustrated due to the new conditions because of the Covid-19 pandemic. They also said that many other restrictions have also severely bothered them and made them act out. According to officials, these restrictions are delayed court proceedings and limited visits from friends and family.