Online Degree Programs


Education has never been more accessible than it is today. Online degrees have paved the way for most students who cannot afford to attend international colleges.

Not just that, if you want to gain on-campus experience, you have multiple options to receive financial aid from colleges to make your dream come true. If you are down for getting an international degree, then you have several options to explore. The UK, US, and Canada offer the world’s top-rated academic and professional programs at your doorstep. With many facilities that come along with these online degree programs, you can conveniently manage life’s ongoing demands while finishing your degree with good scores.

Get help from the following guide to learn the best online degrees in the UK, US, and Canada and how students can enroll in their desired programs. Find information regarding undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to make a sound decision for your future.

Online Degrees UK – 2021

Most of the time, the top university’s international rankings do not feature rankings for quality online education.

Since your entire career is dependent on education, we understand how important it is to decide which university one should go to. Therefore, we have collected data from two prestigious sources for international universities ranking; Higher Times Education Rankings 2021 and QS Rankings 2021.

The universities we listed below offer online college degrees with financial aid, including undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. 

Now let’s have a closer look at the top online universities in the UK, offering quality education in different niches.

Online Undergraduate Degrees UK, US & Canada

Following, we have listed the best universities for undergraduates in the UK.

1) The University of Edinburgh – U.K.

The University of Edinburgh is one of the best institutes for undergraduates. We added this to our list differently because its online education is academically equal to on-campus classes. Not just that, even if you have attended the classes online, your degree will not mention that you have completed your studies online. That means you will be doing the same amount of work and getting a level of education equivalent to on-campus standards.

Typically, the program completion takes three years, but the university offers exceptions on request. As a bonus, you will get access to IT support and career counselors.

2) The University of Manchester – U.K.

An undergraduate degree from the University of Manchester is a passport to lifelong success – that’s what the university claims. The world’s leading minds prepare their undergraduate courses. They bring the latest research from every field directly to their classrooms. Irrespective of your education niche, you will be gaining skills that employers value in their learning environment. The university offers the widest choices in undergraduate programs. With the help of their course finder, you can narrow down your research and find courses having broad scope in the market and offering scholarships.

3) The University of Guelph – Canada

Around 17000 students enroll in the University of Guelph from across the globe. The University campus is just an hour’s drive away from Ontario. The university is not just ranked top in Canada’s best universities but has also been listed as the best one by US news. The university offers education in science, arts, culture, and other studies that employers highly value. The only requirement for international students is English proficiency or have had four or fewer years of high school education.

4) William Carey University – U.S.

In the past decade, students from 50 different countries pursued their degrees from William Carey University. Its campuses are spread in different states. Two reside in Mississippi and one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The best thing about this university is that it offers online degrees apart from on-campus education. The students have a wide variety of options to choose from as they have 31 undergraduate programs that include business, nursing, psychology, biology, and many more.

Postgraduate Degrees – 2021

Following is the list of top universities providing online master’s degrees.

1) The University of Sheffield – U.K.

With exceptional teaching, international outlook and impactful research, the University of Sheffield has earned a global reputation in the world of academics. It nurtures its students to utilize their talents in the best way possible. For international students, it offers more benefits than locals. They offer free of cost training for personalized skills and help the students with their expert career advice. They offer abundant options like  Master in International Business UK, online Master in Finance UK, and many other Postgraduate programs. Indeed it is amongst the best institutions for Digital Marketing Masters in London.

2) Rutger’s Business School – U.S.

The new ways of marketing have completely changed the marketing field. Now people share and use data in a different way. These fast pace changes entering the marketing world require new skills, specifically in digital marketing. The Rutger’s Business School excels in postgraduate digital marketing programs and offers mini masters in Business programs like Business Essentials, Business Management for Military and Veterans, and much more.

3) University of Calgary – Canada

The University of Calgary comes among Canada’s leading universities located in North America. The university has to offer more than 250-degree, every program in 14 faculties, including masters in Social Sciences and Management, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, and much more. Moreover, it entertains 33,000 students In its five different campuses.  Undoubtedly, it is ranked among the top universities in the world. For international students, the university offers collaborative programs to teach course material and provide first-hand experiences.

Online College Degrees with Financial Aid

Following is the list of universities that provide generous financial aid to international students.

UniversityNo. Students received aidAvg aid awarded to undergraduate students
Columbia University (NY)299$71,069
Skidmore College (NY)96$70,250
Amherst College (MA)133$69,434
Williams College (MA)108$68,456
Stanford University (CA)245$68,000
Harvard University (MA)605$66,805

How to Apply for Scholarship?

Applying for Scholarships can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to apply. Following, we have mentioned an organized way to apply for scholarships for international education programs. Follow this method to make your scholarship application process easy.

Plan Ahead

Writing an Application for a scholarship takes longer than expected time. Therefore, you need to plan things accordingly. You can start with a mock deadline to still leave with time after completing your application for review.

Organize your work

Whether you are applying for one or twenty colleges for scholarships, if you don’t organize your tasks, you won’t be able to make it before the deadline. Make a list of deadlines for each task to avoid duplication of work.

Research Thoroughly

Take your time and look for viable scholarships—tick yes or no while going through every college or university’s scholarship program. Make sure you thoroughly go through each and every term and condition to avoid any complications that could arise later.

Follow the requirements

Just like you apply for college admissions, scholarship programs also require a set of documents to determine students’ eligibility. Make sure you carefully go through all the requirements. A single mistake here can lead to disqualification.

Write a Perfect Essay

Essay for scholarships holds a significant weightage to determine candidates’ credibility for granting scholarships. Write a perfect essay that could differentiate you from the rest of the students applying for scholarships. Tailor your response accordingly for every scholarship program. Lastly, proofread as many times as you can to avoid redundancy of words and errors.


So which online degree programs will you be opting for? There is a pool of opportunities waiting for you to exploit. It might not sound well, but indeed Covid-19 has blessed us with numerous online educational opportunities that we might not have gotten shortly. Make the most of the benefits universities offer worldwide and start building your academic career from today.