If you are unaware you should now know that some banks offer great online savings account bonuses to their customers. The savings account is a phenomenon that means something else to everyone. Depending upon your need for it, it can have various uses for you. Ultimately many people are just looking for avenues to keep their stagnant money at, meaning a safe space where it will stay unbothered.

But there is still a generous population that uses the savings account as a way to earn interest back from the bank. This also has various implications because the interest rates of banks have been in a different range. There is a stark difference between a bonus and interest earned over your own money that you keep with the bank.

Bonus Vs Interest

It might mean nothing to a person not using bank services in such excruciating detail, and there are many users as such. A large number of people use banking services limited to a checking account only, which they can deposit and cash out money, or use directly from. Regardless, if you are interested, a bonus is different from the interest you earn over a savings account.

Bonus Vs Interest

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A savings account offers a certain rate of interest, depending upon bank policy, to the account owner at different intervals, mostly annually. A bonus however is an additional amount that some banks offer individuals to open a savings account with them. This additional initiative encourages folks to choose a particular bank because why wouldn’t you want to earn extra money on top of your interest rate amount.

Below are some banks that either offer great interest rates or additional bonuses on savings accounts to their customers.

Citibank Savings Account
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1Citibank Savings Account

Citibank offers whopping online savings account bonus of $400 to its customers that open a savings account with them. Many banks offer these large offers on checking accounts, which is why this particular one is so popular for those interested in saving money. Citibank offers this bonus on both checking and savings accounts to its customers. This is an offer almost no other bank will give you.

On top of this one, Citibank offers an even higher bonus on Citi Priority accounts. Citi Priority accounts mean one of each, a savings and a checking account with Citibank, and the bonus offered is $700. This is a great way for individuals to learn about Citibank’s rewards within its policies. There are some requirements of the offer such as a minimum balance in the account that is necessary to maintain to avail of the offer.

Alliant Credit Union The Ultimate Opportunity Account 
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2Alliant Credit Union The Ultimate Opportunity Account

Second, we have The Ultimate Opportunity Account by the Alliant Credit Union, which offers a bonus on a savings account as well. Their offer includes a $100 bonus on top of the interest on the savings account. Their 3-step process easily explains how the entire step-by-step transaction takes place. From opening the account to maintaining it monthly, and finally getting your bonus, the account is very convenient to open. There are no other monthly charges for the processes.

HSBC Bank USA Savings Account
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3HSBC Bank USA Savings Account

Last we have HSBC Bank USA, which has a remarkable service overall, providing you with an evenly structured savings account plan. In their savings plan alone there are three different plans for you to choose from. There are HSBC Everyday Savings, HSBC Advance Savings, and HSBC Premier Savings accounts. Each account has its rate associated with it. The website shows an in-detail program breakdown of each of these different plans that highlight how they will work out from payment to the interest earned on each of these. Your money in any of the savings accounts is FDIC-insured to keep you at ease about the security.

This was how banks offer online savings account bonus to you in the US-based banks. In the end, your motivation/reason behind the savings defines your decision and whether or not you want that bonus money.