The pandemic has affected many major events around the world. Before the pandemic, when things were normal, baseball games were a play.

Owing to Covid’s technicalities, it was believed that it was unlikely for the two teams to face each other. It was an example of how the virus could spread across so many people in days.
The Yankees played a Bronx match with the Philly as an opposing team. Also, the Orioles had to be on the front lines with the Marlins.

Then there was a very unfortunate incident. Approximately 16 players in the Marlins squad tested positive for the virus. They thus had to go under isolation to avoid the spread. Their test was carried out after their match with the Philly.

Orioles and Yankees got together for ‘backyard baseballThe Orioles had no rival to play a match during the whole case. At the same time, the Yankees had been in a state of threat due to exposure to the virus.
It was a disappointing case that the Orioles were going back home with no games played. Thus, after hours of decision-making, Zack Britton tried and scheduled a hotel meeting in a very short time.

Players were very excited to play from the start, so they all decided to play at least one game after four days considering the situation.
The match also paid tribute to the staff who worked on the frontlines of the Baltimore Pandemic, Mo Gaba, who had recently passed away.
Before the start of the match, the Orioles and the Yankees paid their respect for the teams affected by the virus, standing across the field and saluting.