Pakistan’s 73rd Independence is celebrated on Friday, August 14th with customary traditions.

Regarding the festival of freedom in small and greater urban areas of the nation different festivals will be held.

The independence day of Pakistan is celebrated every year on the 14th of August. It is a national occasion in Pakistan. It honors the day when Pakistan got freedom and was announced a sovereign state following the end of the British rule over the subcontinent in 1947.

Pakistan came into being because of the Pakistan Movement of the Muslims of Subcontinent. That movement focused on the making of an autonomous Muslim state in the north-western areas of South Asia through Partition.

The freedom movement was driven by the All-India Muslim League under the administration of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In the Islamic schedule, the day of autonomy agreed with Ramadan 27, the night before which is viewed as holy by Muslims.

The primary Independence Day service happens in Islamabad. The national flag is lifted at the Presidential building and the Parliament.

It is tailed by the national anthem and live broadcast addresses by the president and other leaders. Regular celebratory occasions and merriments for the day incorporate flag-raising services, marches, and social events, etc.

Various honorary ceremonies are a part of this day, and Pakistanis raise the national flag on their homes or show it noticeably on their vehicles and clothing.

On Independence Day 31 weapons salute is offered in the Federal Capital Islamabad and 21 firearms salute in the Provincial Capital Lahore.

The day usually begins by reciting the hold Quran in the mosques for the martyrs of freedom development. Special prayers are held for the safety of the nation and country. People also pray for the troopers of the Pakistan Army conveyed on the outskirt to protect the nation.

Today, the Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose message was posted in a progression of tweets by the PM Office’s Twitter account, said that the day was “an event to stop and to reflect concerning how far we have been able to accomplish those goals that prompted the creation of an independent state”.

He additionally paid tribute to each one of those children of the land who laid their lives while guarding and securing territorial just as ideological outskirts of the homeland and vowed to “keep seeking after” the standards of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-I-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.