A week ago Trudeau reported that the Canadian government would make a $100-million speculation into Merit Functional Foods, which makes ingredients for plant-based nourishments.

After that announcement, the heartthrob of the 90s, Canadian actress Pamela Anderson showed interest in the PM’s campaign.

She wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justine Trudeau saying that she wants to help him to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

In her letter, she also praised him for his work towards the vegan food industry. She applauded him for his investments in the plant-based food.

Pamela who also is the honorary director of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wrote that sensuality is all about embracing the world and taking care of other’s feelings and nothing is sexier them empathy.

She also said to minister that his ongoing choice to put $100 million in the mushrooming plant-based ventures fits that depiction of plant-based investment.

That puts Canada on top with regards to advancing a sympathetic and sound eating regimen. She added that “In the interest of my companions at PETA, thank you for doing that it would be ideal if you keep it up!

In her letter, she pointed towards the fact that Trudeau’s monetarily heedful move didn’t only create millions of jobs for the Canadians but it also saved many animals that get butchered every day and live a terrible life.

Pamela Anderson thanks Trudeau for support of vegan industry

She Anderson said As COVID-19 has uncovered genuine wellbeing dangers related to processing plants and slaughterhouses, the world needs increasingly reasonable Leaders like you, who are happy to grasp perfect, sympathetic, and smart food solutions.

Pamela at the end of the letter offered her services to help the Prime Minister transit over to Vegan if he ever likes.

She said if he was to drop meat and dairy from his eating routine which she trusts he will, she would be respected to be his guide and to recommend a portion of the mouthwatering, different vegetarian nourishments which is the proud produce of Canada.

A week ago the government reported that it will fund another agrarian production plant in Winnipeg. That plan will transform peas and canola into protein powders for the food business.

Merit Functional Foods Corp. is planning to have its new 94,000-square-feet plant for production at Winnipeg’s Centreport running before the year is over.

The organization plans to utilize just Canadian-produced peas and canola and cases to be the first on the planet that will create canola protein for the food business.