The pandemic has changed the face of everything including day-to-day activities. The people who used to go to the gym daily have been staying at home for months now.

Although the gym-goers tried to adapt to the current situation and got the equipment to work from home, still the benefits of going to the gym cannot be replaced by home workout.

People have been spotted in the parks doing their gym workout routines. They usually have the long resistance bands and attach it to a fence while using it to do the classic gym exercises, i.e. lunges and pushups plus squats.

The individuals who shared their pre-lockdown situation said, they used to go to the gym before or after work and used to work with the weights for at least 1 hour every day.

They said that there now mindful of the opportunities for viral spread in a room brimming with individuals whose main purpose is to inhale vigorously and spread sweat on everything.

When gyms reopen, will anyone go backWhen asked that will return to their gyms in case they open up soon, most of the respondents said they would rather exercise outdoors until it’s safe.

Some however said that their gym is genuinely exclusive, will adapt better than others, and since the proprietors have the cash to profoundly clean it and separate the gym equipment.

Some people seem too eager to go back that they said they’d risk everything just to go back to the gym. Because going to the gym is a kind of spiritual practice they do every day.

From 23 March, exercising and meditating at home turned into an integral part of the lives of numerous individuals in Britain. Being confined in homes pushed people to find out legitimate reasons to get out and find a healthy routine outdoors.

Over the UK, the underlying direction permitted one type of activity once every day one hour walk or 30 minutes jogging.

Yet, for a large number of individuals, staying in shape was colossal as of now: about 10 million British citizens had a membership of gyms or wellness club, producing £1.9bn every year and keeping right around 7,000 foundations above water.

The effect will be drastic if things don’t go back to normal soon.

When asked why they want to go back to the gym, people talked about how they missed the rush of blood and feeling of accomplishment while doing the exercise and particularly the happy mood after that.

Some people also said that working from home is fine but they ought to get back to their exercising routine. The fitness industry, however, is not worried because they know that their business will be booming again very soon.