Even in developing countries, the coronavirus pandemic created several difficulties. With the number of cases growing every day, more and more people are being affected.

The shortage of medical supplies to deal with is a problem that each country faces, and the same is the case in the United States.

Some countries have begun to import health care facilities such as ventilators and masks from other countries to meet their shortages. New England Patriot’s plane has delivered around 1.2 million mask supplies from China.

After having been active in the battle against the pandemic, China has been able to lend and sell its excessive medical supplies to other countries in need.

A Million N95 Masks Are Coming From China

Image courtesy WSJ

Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts, tweeted about the shipment in a recent photo. He said masks would serve as a very efficient way for health care workers who fight on the front lines every day to continue their service. These workers put themselves at risk every day to protect the people around them; hence, their safety needs to be ensured.

Baker thanked Kraft’s and the other partners for putting in the effort for this task. It took a lot of hard work and persistence.

Kraft’s also made another purchase for an additional 3000,000 masks for New York City. These masks are set to get received by Friday. Another shipment of about half a million is to arrive in the coming weeks.

With the increase in the cases of COVID-19, the US has been coping with the pandemic’s impact. The wave seems to continue very strong. With the rise in cases, the citizens are asked to stay at home and follow the required SOPs.