A snow disposal argument turned into a deadly shooting in which a Pennsylvania couple lost their lives. The suspected killer was also dead.

The District Attorney Office has said that the husband and wife were shot right outside their home on Monday morning.

It is believed that the suspect was dead because of a self-inflicted wound. This dispute was not new and there had been arguments before but this time it turned out to be deadly.

Three people. who lost their lives, were aged between 47 to 50 years. The shooting was carried out with a handgun which the suspect, Spaide brought out of his home.

The officers from the Police Department were informed and they reached the location immediately. Just as when they were about to arrest the suspect, they heard a gunshot.

The suspect fired 15-20 shots to kill the couple. Then the suspect killed himself, in what turned out to be an apparent suicide.

The couple left a 15-year-old son who is already dealing with psychological problems. This child is now living with his grandparents.

The Biden Administration is looking into the gun control laws. President Biden has claimed that he is determined to go after the gun manufacturers and wanted to address the problem.

It is sad to know that the couple lost their lives over a small argument, and then the suspect also died.