One day after Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, his supporters gathered to celebrate at the Black Lives Matter plaza as well as Lafayette Square, which are areas adjacent to the White House.

Earlier this year, these were the same areas where demonstrators gathered to protest against the police brutality, because of the murder of several Black Americans.

People Celebrate Biden’s Victory At Black Lives MatterProtestors were also reported to be tear-gassed during the previous demonstration to allow President Trump to take pictures at St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is located near both the Lafayette Square and the Black Lives Matter Plaza.

A member of WAMU tweeted that she was moved to tears when she heard the outcome of the election. She also proceeded to add that her fight was not over and she will continue to fight until she achieves her mission of citizenship for immigrants.

People were also reported cheering and holding up various signs as well as crowds chanting ‘Bye Bye Trump’. Supporters of the new president are also celebrating in New York and Philadelphia.

People Celebrate Biden’s Victory

News4’s reporter tweeted in celebration, saying that the weather was great and she could even hear someone playing Christmas music.

In preparation for the election and the potential unrest it may bring, many businesses had closed down and boarded up their windows. The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development tweeted on Sunday urging businesses to reopen and also thanked organizations that were responsible for cleaning up after the celebration at the Black Lives Matter plaza.

A few people from the BLM movement were not happy about the celebrations, criticizing white people for making the place a ‘tourist attraction’ as well as accusing them of ‘colonizing’ their space. They also emphasized that the main purpose of the plaza is to protest and advocate their rights and that focus should not be redirected anywhere else.

In his presidential victory speech, Biden talked about the widening division in America and claimed that under his presidency, everyone will be treated equally even his competition or people who did not vote for him. He aims to unify and heal the country finally.

He also thanked Black Americans in his speech for supporting him both in the Democratic nomination as well as the presidential elections. He also promised that he will return the favor by supporting them in their cause.