Former members of Amy Coney Barret’s faith group, People of Praise, have accused the current members of the group of sexual abuse and emotional trauma.

The previous members of the organization have hired a law firm to investigate this matter. These claims are not, however, linked to Barret or her family.

Although many members have claimed that they felt deeply uncomfortable with her nomination to the Supreme Court. They also believe that people do not understand enough about the Christian group and that they have formed a support group after her nomination concerning how they have suffered at the hands of People of Praise.

A former member of the organization expressed her disbelief that a member of the society is now the Supreme Court Justice.

In her confirmation hearings, she was not questioned about the organization and she has never talked about her membership in Senate disclosure forms. However, she has emphasized that she will not be biased because of her faith.

Barret was also a leader of People of Praise in 2010 and was featured in their magazine. This feature was, however, taken down from the website when she was appointed as a court judge 3 years ago.

‘People of Praise’ Members Concerned about Barret’s Supreme Court NominationThe staunch supporters of the group have claimed that their organization is misunderstood, and their only purpose is to support each other whether it be financially, spiritually, or materially.

However, this claim is opposed by the members who have left the organization. They have accused the faith group of being extremely sexist towards women, being controlling of their participants’ lives, as well as several instances of sexual abuse.

Moreover, members who are gay are also dismissed from the organization which raises concerns about same-sex marriage laws.

Another former member came forward about her experience with sexual abuse while she was a part of the group. Her abuser also confirmed to molesting her and he was involved in the abuse of other minors as well. However, the leaders of the organizations discouraged her from being vocal about this as it would damage the reputation of their group.

People of Praise as an organization has not responded to any of these allegations.