As Russia continues to bombard major cities of Ukraine – the people of Ukraine continue to fight back in hope of seeing freedom again, while asking the world to send in help and prayers.

Ukrainians living in America share stories back from their home which are utterly dramatic and poignant at the same time. The Ukrainian community is hearing, receiving heart-wrenching stories back from Ukraine which continues to become gruesome as the Russian invasion intensifies.

“This morning while it was quiet, we quickly climbed out of the basement to cook, eat and wash the children,” wrote one person who is currently in the south of Ukraine and unable to get out of the country. “And to wash myself! What a joy to wash your head, brush your teeth — we all do [this] as soldiers, very quickly.”

“Ukraine will live, because God DOES NOT LEAVE his own.” said a Ukrainian-American pastor who has been in touch with people back home and is praying for their safety and a peaceful end to this raging war.

Another Ukrainian living in Virginia stated, “Regarding gratitude to everyone [who’s been praying for the people of Ukraine] … I don’t know how to say and how to express … There are no words. I sincerely thank everyone who is with us!”

People from all corners of life have come out in favour of Ukraine and taken part in demonstrations against Russia. People from all walks of life are praying across America for the war to end soon without many casualties.

Pastor Moroz from Virginia has a lot of friends and family members living back in his home country. He said, “the Ukrainians are very resilient people. I’m hearing beautiful defiance as the faith-based community is defending their country and their freedoms.”

He further stated that the Ukrainians are assuring themselves that they will embrace victory at the end of this war and will not let their defences go down.  

“We’re going to keep serving each other and the Lord.”

Ukrainians based in America are worried about their family and friends stranded in the war-ridden country and are praying for the safety of their loved ones. The ambition of president Vladimir Putin has caused unrest not just in Ukraine, but across the world.