Conservative activist Charlie Kirk accused Pfizer of withholding positive results of the vaccine till after the election result to help Joe Biden’s cause. He shared his thoughts on the matter through a Facebook video posted last week.

Kirk has raised some questions about the timings of the vaccine news. He pointed out that the vaccine news was not released on purpose before the elections to help Joe Biden win the elections. He is of the opinion that had the news been released earlier, President Trump would have won the second term in the office.

He rightly pointed Pfizer’s initial plan of sharing the interim results about their vaccine trial in October, but the company changed its plans after having a discussion with FDA officials. This change of plans led to Pfizer announcing the interim results from 94 cases on November 9, 2020. Kirk believes that it was a conscious effort by the company to influence the outcome of the elections and to steal the credit from President Trump.

President Trump backed Kirk’s claims in a tweet of his own one day after the release of the results. He tweeted:

Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO rejected the claims, maintaining that Pfizer got the positive news on 5th or 6th November, after the election date.  He agreed with Kirk’s statement that Pfizer had scheduled the analysis of data from 32 cases out of the 30,000 participants by late October 2020. However, they were unable to reach their target by 27th October. Certain scientific authorities including the FDA expressed their concerns over the number as well, insisting 32 cases was not enough data. Pfizer then revised its protocol to wait for 64 cases and received 94 cases of COVID-19 out of the 44,000 participants.

Kirk also referenced the political donations Pfizer reportedly made in an attempt to support his claims in the video. He quoted various figures and said that Pfizer has been supporting Biden throughout the elections.

However, the figures he quoted in the video are real, but he didn’t take into account the fact that these contributions were made by Pfizer’s employees as individuals and it has nothing to do with the company. Moreover, Kirk also ignored the fact that Pfizer has also made donations to Republicans as well.

A spokesperson for Pfizer asserted that political contributions made by their private citizen employees cannot be tied to Pfizer in any regard. She also said that the overall claim that Pfizer withheld data is completely untrue. The spokesperson termed the statement of Kirk as counter-productive and false