Recently it was reported that a Wisconsin pharmacist destroyed over 500 coronavirus vaccines by removing them from refrigeration. The 46-year-old culprit, named Stephen Brandenburg, was arrested by the Grafton Police Department.

In a statement, issued recently, he claimed that the Moderna vaccine is dangerous because it can alter your DNA, and he wanted to protect people from it. He also confessed that he did believe in conspiracy theories. The Ozaukee County District Attorney reported to a judge that Brandenburg had confessed to the crime.

According to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, an mRNA vaccine does not alter an individual’s DNA. The vaccine produced by Moderna and Pfizer employs the mRNA method in which the genetic code of the coronavirus is transmitted into the body so that our body learns to counter and fight against the actual coronavirus.

The police reported that 570 vials of the coronavirus vaccine from Moderna were missing from refrigeration. Since each vial has 10 doses, a total of 570 doses had been destroyed. This is a huge loss because the vaccines are available in only a limited supply.

The DA later reported that they were not thrown away but instead separated at the hospital so that it could be determined whether the vaccines could still be recovered and administered safely. Moreover, this will also affect the charge against Brandenburg.

He explained that the vaccines that were destroyed were worth $800 to $12000; however, it is not yet clear how many were destroyed. The hospital has laid off Brandenburg. He also had to give up his firearms. Brandenburg will be summoned to court again on January 19th.