A music prodigy breathed his last on 16 January 2021 in California, United States.

Phil Spector, the famous music producer – who rose to fame and transformed the music industry, contracted COVID-19 and succumbed to death.

He was the brain behind Wall of Sound, which was later termed as “Spector Wall”.  He discovered a sound technique in a nearby tunnel of Hollywood Boulevard. According to him the sound which was created inside the tunnel had such a roaring effect that it would be a pioneering effect in rock ‘n’ roll, calling it a “Wagnerian approach to Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Phil Spector has been in prison serving his life sentence in connection with the second-degree murder of an actress, named Lana Clarkson. He was convicted in 2009 and had been in prison since then.

Spector had contracted COVID-19 and had breathing issues. He was diagnosed with coronavirus 4 weeks ago, and was taken to a hospital, but had recovered well enough to return to prison to serve his life sentence of 19 years.

He complained of breathing trouble again and was rushed to the hospital where he died on Saturday.

Phil Spector leaves behind his timeless musical legacy that will remain with his fans forever. Spector had a Midas touch that transformed the lives of many musicians. Some of the biggest names who worked with him include: The Righteous Brothers, Ike and Tine Turner, The Ronettes, and The Beatles. He even produced the solo work of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and “Instant Karma”.

Phil Spector’s larger-than-life image was flawlessly crafted on the fluid screen by the great AL PACINO in a 2013 movie named “Phil Spector”. The great music magician was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.