Philadelphia: Five people got injured in different shooting incidents on Monday night leaving one person dead.

According to the police, a 14 years old teenager was shot point-blank and on the back in the Olney neighborhood around 7:18 pm.

The teenage boy was rushed to the hospital, however, the reports say that he is doing well and is in a stable condition.

According to the police, nine shots were fired at the crime scene.

Witnesses of the crime stated that a shooter chased the teenager before firing gunshots on him and later fled the crime scene.

“We found the victim collapsed on the street about 150 feet east of where we found all the spent shell casings, so he clearly was running away from the shooter, or shooters,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

In another incident that occurred at Cambria and B streets around 7:30 pm left one person dead and a bystander critically wounded with a triple shooting.

Investigators say that at least 40 shots were fired from two different guns. A 20 years old person lost his life and was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Another 44-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition in a separate gunshot incident at the 2300 block of Bouvier Street in Philadelphia.

Officers transferred a couple in their 50s to the hospital with gunshots on their heads.

Both the victims are said to be in critical condition and the survival chances are meager.

No arrests have been made as of now in connection with the fatal shootings which spread fear across Philadelphia.

Police have asked to help in connections with the shooting incidents and have asked to convey information at 215-686-TIPS.

According to the police, the crime rate is surging across the city and the number of homicide victims has gradually started to increase. The FBI has intervened on the surging rate of crimes across the city and is said to be working in collaboration with the police department of Philadelphia.