Walter Wallace Jr. was a 27-year-old Black man killed by two police officers in Philadelphia recently. Protestors have been rioting in the streets as a result of this incident.

This year has seen many instances of law enforcement violence in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. Black Lives Matter protests have been carried out year-round because the police disproportionately target black people.

The incident unfolded when a 911 call was made to law enforcement about a man carrying a knife. Wallace’s mother informed the police that he was suffering from mental health issues.

A video was also recorded by one of the residents, which shows Wallace moving towards the officers and them shooting at him multiple times.

Wallace was getting treated for bipolar disorder under a doctor’s care. The family’s lawyer spoke on the matter saying that it was disturbing to know that they called the police for help and they in turn ended up killing him.

Philadelphia Shooting Walter Wallace Jr. Shot and Killed By Police

Major Jim Kenney and the police commissioner have both spoken on the matter, agreeing that the actions of the officers seemed questionable in the video. An investigation is being conducted on the incident by the District Attorney’s office.

The president of the police union has, however, defended the police offers, saying that they were only ensuring that the community was safe and were being criticized for performing their jobs.

People have been raging on the streets in response to this tragic incident. 53 officers have been injured in total and 172 people were arrested.

There have also been 297 incidents of looting and thrown projectiles have injured many police officers. Protestors can also be heard chanting the victim’s name in the streets.

A curfew has been imposed on the city for 9 hours to control the protestors.

Wallace’s family has spoken out against the protests, saying that they want people to honor his memory through peaceful protests.

Wallace’s father has stated that the violence will not bring his son back and it will only make matters worse hence there is no positive outcome. He has pleaded with the protestors to stop in fear that this might leave his family name in a bad light.