After spending 17 glorious years on the basketball court, Philip Rivers, the legendary quarterback has finally announced his retirement from NFL. He had the honor to represent – with distinction – The Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Colts for over 16 years.

During his long career, he never made it to the Super Bowl, otherwise, he had a remarkable career.

In National Football League, he stands 5th on all-time record list for crossing over 63,000 passing yards. He was an 8-time pro bowler with over 400 touchdowns. It is not easy to be in the game for such a long time and remain in the top-5 for so long.

Rivers could not be more grateful to God for letting him play for these 17 years and living his dream. In every major category as a quarterback, he has bagged all the records for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The team celebrated his retirement even after he had left LA Chargers a year ago, and went on to play for Indianapolis Colts. His tremendous records are the testimony to his legendary status, and the Chargers admittedly considered him the one of his kind. One of the most important qualities that Rivers possessed, was that he played the game with passion, and made sure to give his best.

He also holds a unique record of securing 134 wins as a quarterback, who never made it to the Super Bowl. He was acquired by the Los Angeles Chargers back in 2004 in a draft trade.