On Saturday, the Department of Health in the Philippines recorded 16,694 current Covid-19 cases, the second-highest total for a single day since the epidemic began in January last year.

The new caseload increases the country’s overall number of confirmed cases to 1,824,051. Last Friday, the nation recorded the largest day total of Covid-19 instances in its history, with 17,231 cases.

The alarming death toll has risen to 31,596 after the death of 398 more individuals from the viral illness, the DOH said.

Daily death tolls are likewise at their second-highest level since the epidemic began.

According to the DOH, coronavirus variations, notably the more virulent Delta, are causing a fresh wave of virus transmission in the nation.

Additionally, non-compliance with safety procedures, as well as delayed contact tracking and detection, all contribute to the virus’s spread.

Despite months of various degrees of lockdown that began in March of last year, the Philippines continues to battle an outbreak of diseases.

For the second time this year, the Philippine capital has reimposed a two-week tight lockdown, starting Aug. 6, to contain the Delta surge.

Since the epidemic began in January 2020, the Philippines, which has a population of about 110 million, has tested more than 16.5 million individuals.