The former NFL player, Phillip Adams has been identified as the suspect in the massive South Carolina shooting that left five people dead. In an interview with USA Today Sports, Adams’ sister affirmed that he had fired at five people before killing himself. She devastatingly voiced out her concerns and blamed Adams’ deteriorating mental health to be the sole reason for the deadly shooting incident.

Despite Adams’ demeanor appearing seemingly normal, he did exhibit signs of unusual behavior. His sister, Lauren told reporters that their family did observe a few ‘signs of mental illness that required immediate attention. He had become more aggressive. But his hostile nature could be attributed to his unstable mental state, said Lauren.

Adams represented six teams in six different seasons from 2010-2015. As cited by Lauren Adams, even a mundane conversation with him was nothing short of a full-blown argument. He had transformed into a person who was unrecognizable to his own family.

South Carolina shooting suspect Phillip Adams, a former NFL player, a victim of ‘failing mental health’According to his sister, after Adams’ football career came to an end in 2015, it was like his entire life had ended. She told USA Today’s reporters that he did not want to be associated with football in any way.

Lauren Adams also suggested that her brother had started to maintain a very low profile. For months they wouldn’t hear from him and that in itself was a red flag, given that he was a devoted family person who loved to interact with family and friends. Eventually, matters went out of control when Adams started neglecting his mental health issues.

His sister declared that this came as an abhorrent shock for her and her family. Adams was always inclined to look good. He enjoyed a good rapport with women, so much so that he was more commonly referred to as a ‘ladies’ man’, said Lauren. However, everything changed for the worse once he hung up his boots. She later concluded that her brother had been struggling to cope up with life, ‘kind of feeling like the whole world was against him.’

Subsequently, Adams’ worsening mental health took the better of him, and he resorted to taking the lives of innocent people, including himself.