A video of Trump rally in Michigan became a hot topic on social media recently. The video showed four Roman Catholic nuns taking pictures with people at the rally.

Donald Trump seems to have support from nuns in the past as well. A picture from a recent rally in Ohio also went viral on social media where three nuns stood behind the president in the crowd wearing MAGA masks.

The nuns seemed to be praying as one of them held a Bible, the other was seen clutching rosary beads, and the third had her palms up in prayer.

Photos of Nuns Supporting Trump at Michigan Rally Went Viral On Social MediaTrump voters constantly shared the picture with captions in support of the nuns. One Trump supporter said that the nuns behind the president meant that God was protecting him and supporting him.

Trump also said a few words that invoked applause from the nuns. Once when he was talking about how they found Hunter Biden’s laptop, which supposedly had evidence against Joe Biden, he announced that it’s ‘amazing the way God works’.

Another time he was met with cheering and clapping when he quoted the motto of the United States, ‘In God, we trust’ and stated that they will live by it.

Photos of Nuns Supporting Trump at Michigan Rally Went Viral On Social MediaMany users on Twitter also believe this was a PR stunt and accused the campaign of hiring nuns to stand behind the president so they could garner support from Catholic voters.

A user called it a ‘pathetic attempt’ to gain more votes when the Trump campaign is losing the election.

Another user also brought up a scandal the president was involved in, where he allegedly had an affair with a porn star, Stormy Daniels which happened after Melania Trump gave birth to his youngest son. The user asked the nuns if they approve of this behavior of the president.

A Twitter user also mentioned the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), who have come out in support of Joe Biden – despite the fact that Joe is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. The user condemned the organization, saying that these nuns were the real voices of Catholics in America.

Moreover, one of the nuns called Sister Deirdre Byrne spoke about Trump at the Republican National Convention. She claimed that out of all of the presidents in the history of the United States, he was the most pro-life. She also went on to condemn Biden and Harris, for their support of abortions