Xbox Game Pass already had the Flight Simulator and Lawn Mower Simulator titles added in 2021, but their next year’s addition came in the face of Pigeon Simulator. They’re curating a “physical sandbox rogue light” combining different handmade content with different aspects that create a unique experience for the player.

The whole idea of this Pigeon Simulator addition revolves around, “play as the most notorious bird in the world and help them pursue revenge, love, and world domination. Start your life as a baby bird. Overcome randomly born anomalous situations. Explore, learn and grow your gene pool. When you die, some of your DNA is passed on to your successors, making them stronger. Conquer one place at a time until you’re destined and make the entire planet a paradise for pigeons.”

The game promises to ensure it, “Incorporate ideas from many communities and make it something everyone loves and enjoys.”

It will be released on PC, console, and cloud of Xbox GamePas, asking a few rounds of questions from the players that help them enjoy and experience the weirdness of Pigeon Simulator in full glory. It asks, “Every few generations give birth to a dove with extraordinary abilities, a hero in a flock. You are that blessed bird. You have been chosen. But great power comes with great responsibility. How do you create a pigeon paradise?”

The viral popularity of Pigeon Simulator is owed to social media, much like its predecessors, and Goat Simulator. Developer HakJak does not shy away from dropping updates, to ensure the interest and a continuous effort to keep it exciting and ambitious for the players. The new updates include your pigeon being able to “eat hot sauce and breathe fire”, “drop excessive amounts of bird poop in creative ways,” along, “turning into a giant pigeon and wreaking havoc.”