Rejoice, beer lovers! Pizza Hut has decided to take its beer delivery service and kick it up a notch. Initially introduced in Arizona during 2017, the project has turned out to be a very successful venture for Pizza Hut. This expansion seems to be a deliberate strategy in light of the upcoming NFL Super Bowl. Seeing as Papa John has been replaced with Pizza Hut as the official pizza sponsor, it has become clear that the pizza chain is working smart and trying to capitalize on the opportunity.

Pizza Hut plans on setting up its beer delivery service in Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, California, North Carolina, and Arizona by mid-January. This is just in time for the beginning of the Super Bowl season when there is an increased demand for both pizza and beer. Some of the available beer options are Corona Light, Corona, Stella Artois, and Blue Moon. Prices range from $3-$5 for a two-pack, while they range $6-$12 for a 12-pack.

Adopting such a service model is part of a strategy being implemented by Pizza Hut to retake its lead over long-time competitor Domino’s. Last year marked the first time that Domino’s was able to beat Pizza Hut in sales. Both chains have been involved in a back-and-forth of sorts by engaging in flashy promotions. By offering its customers a little more, it hopes to retake the lead. Seeing its success so far, it’s definitely possible.

Locations participating in this service all have liquor licenses already or will acquire them before they begin offering it. When delivered, employees will request ID to prevent any underage drinking. Additionally, customers will be required to fill out a form for the sake of Pizza Hut’s own recordkeeping and documentation.