LEXINGTON, N.C – An airplane crashed into a tractor-trailer, sparking a fire and killing the plane’s pilot on North Carolina Interstate 85 on Wednesday, reported N.C. State Highway Patrol.

“Here’s an updated traffic map. I-85 southbound is closed between Exit 91 and Exit 88 due to an airplane crash on I-85 near the Lexington airport.

Northbound is open.

Southbound travelers should get off on US-64 and take it it business 85 south”, Tweeted Tim Buckley.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s statement, at around 5:35 p.m., a twin-engine Beechcraft Barron slammed into a tractor-trailer near the Davidson County Airport on Interstate 85 South in Lexington.

Allegedly, when the plane was taking off from Lexington’s airport, it lost control and crashed into the trailer-tractor.

A 43-year-old pilot Raymond John Ackley who was operating the aircraft when it lost altitude, was pronounced dead at the scene. While the trailer driver was immediately shifted to a hospital for treatment.

USA pilot Raymond John Ackley

After the incident report, the FAA released a statement saying it would probe the case with the National Transportation Safety Board and provided no further details.

The footage of the incident showed the tractor and trailer overturned and the aircraft’s tail beside the overturned rig.

The video further showed firefighters extinguishing the flames burning the side road of the I-85 and the plane’s wreckage scattered on the road.

“Southbound lanes between exit 91 and exit 88 were closed for several hours”, authorities reported.

“More video from scene of plane crash on I-85 in Lexington,” wrote Weekend Morning Anchor, WXII DaVonté McKenith, while sharing the crash video.