Restricted to the vicinity of our neighborhoods, confined within the boundaries of our homes, yearning to catch sight of a pleasant view – we have all been looking forward to the news announcing successful eradication of the COVID-19. Even though vaccine trials continue, leisure travel currently seems to be at a halt.

Everyone daydreams about visiting famous tourist attractions, or their favorite holiday spots once the situation gets better. However, there are many destinations in this world that are not only mesmerizingly beautiful but also spectacularly colorful. It’s just that not many people are aware of their existence.

Check out 5 of the most colorful places in the world. Their aesthetic view would serve as a mood-booster for the visitors and also provide a good background for photoshoots.

1. Jaipur, India

With most of the city’s architecture reflecting a certain color due to the excessive use of sandstone in construction, Jaipur is also known as “The Pink City District”.

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city is home to some breathtakingly beautiful historic sites such as the Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, and City Palace. It is also particularly known for its rich culture and vibrant marketplaces where traditional and peculiar items – ranging from symbolic jewelry to sarees, handicrafts, to the famous Indian spices – can all be easily found.

2. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

The third-largest hot spring in the world, Grand Prismatic is present in our very own the United States. Having developed naturally with hot water oozing out from a crack in the Earth, this spring has acquired its unusual colorfulness from the heat-preferring bacteria that have inhabited it. It is the largest hot water spring in the country and is located in the famous Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

3. Little India Neighborhood, Singapore

Representing Indian culture to the fore, this tourist attraction in Singapore will give you a feel of the sub-continent. It has a variety of restaurants offering different types of Indian cuisines. The design and hues of the neighborhood represent the colorfulness associated with the Indian culture. The Little India Neighborhood in Singapore also offers a great shopping experience to visitors. A temple is also dedicated to Hindus living in this vicinity.

4. Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Easily identifiable in the midst of the Andean mountain range, the Rainbow Mountain stands out because of its color. Having hues of golden-yellow, fuchsia, purple and many other colors, this mountain’s unique appearance is a result of complex mineralogy.

Providing an aesthetic view for tourists, the site appears even more beautiful when sunlight brightens the mountain’s plain.

5. Chefchaouen, Morocco

The Chefchaouen city in Morocco is immersed in the color “blue”. Not just the buildings but even lamp posts, garbage cans, and most architecture have shades of blue.

The interesting reason behind this is that the people who came here from Spain during the 15th century believed blue to be a color of heaven. Therefore, they started painting everything blue.

This city should definitely be on your travel list due to its unique, blue-colored layout.

Visiting the above-mentioned places might not be possible for everyone, but learning about them is an interesting read in itself. Searching online for pictures of these colorful places may be the only alternative till the situation gets better worldwide. However, they might help uplift your mood, as the colors have a positive effect on our health.