The corona pandemic has had a long-lasting impact on every sphere of our lives. Businesses were forced to shut down. People were forced to remain indoors. The travel and tourism industry got the hardest hit. But in these crucial times, there is one business that has made progress by leaps and bounds.

Plastic surgery is on the rise. With people feeling the need to try out new adventures, they now have a choice to concentrate on their looks. This has led people to throng plastic surgery clinics to get the job done, Do you need a nose job? Or a facelift? Plastic surgeons are there to help you out.

People feel the pressure since everyone has had more time on their hands during the lockdown and if you haven’t used it to do something with your free time, to improve your appearance you have not achieved anything.

A certified facial plastic surgeon from California believes that since people have more time now, they have chosen to utilize it in self-scrutiny. People are now spending money on products to stay in shape and look good. He also continued that the number of patients has increased since the pandemic started. Even patients who had no idea as to how it feels to go under the knife before, are now spending money to get the job done.

Another certified facial plastic surgeon from New York, Steve Pearlman says that more celebrities are now visiting him in their spare time for an appointment. Thanks to lockdown. New York State was in lockdown for three months. Now, his business is growing, with more patients coming in for cosmetic surgery.