Model Ashley Mattingly was found dead in her home in Texas. After medical examination, it was found that the model killed herself by a gunshot in the head.

Mattingly was an alcoholic for many years, and her family was aware of her alcoholism. According to Mattingly’s sister, Christy Deweese, the whole family knew about her struggles with alcoholism. Still, none of them ever expected her to take her own life.

After Mattingly’s room was examined, few writings were found which depicted her depressed mental state. Her sister, Deweese, further mentioned that after reading those letters, she realized that she was unaware of what her sister was going through.

The death of Ashley Mattingly has left the family in deep sorrow, and they don’t want anyone else to go through the same pain. Deweese and her brother, Billy, have now decided to launch a non-profitable organization that will spread awareness regarding mental health issues and suicide.

Furthermore, the organization will be providing help to anyone who is going through a hard time and needs someone to share their pain. It will provide awareness regarding depression and suicide so people can understand the situation of anyone who is going through hard times.

According to Deweese, Ashley was a really strong person, but she could not fight with her hard times. So, Deweese emphasized reaching out for help and sharing your pain with others.

‘Take five” is an initiative taken by the organization. According to AJM S.A.F.E, people should take out 5 minutes from their daily routine to talk to anyone they love or a close friend. Though 5 minutes is not much time, this little talk session with your loved ones can positively impact your life.

Although the autopsy has confirmed the cause of Ashley Mattingly’s death, Deweese mentioned that an investigation is still going on. The family held a small memorial service where only close relatives were present.

According to Deweese, a bigger service for Ashley’s memorial will be arranged once the global pandemic gets over.

The family will be launching an organization that aims to provide awareness and help people going through similar issues.