On Tuesday, the internet was swamped with news of PlayStation Network facing several technical issues. The problems seemed to have begun at around 4 pm CT on April 27 and had impacted all users of the network. The prevalent issue was confirmed by the official page of the PlayStation Network, which told its users about an outage that would not allow people to log in or create accounts.

DownDetector initiated a tracking process where it traced down the issues that had started a little after 5 pm ET, when the page of the PlayStation Network confirmed a series of problems that had adversely affected the PS3, PS4, PS5, including the Vita and Web services. The disturbance in the system had also been verified by social media accounts for popular games including Fortnite, informing its set of loyal players that they may encounter difficulties while accessing the PlayStation Network and playing the game.

Users of the PlayStation Network took their concerns to social media in a frenzy, where many of them penned down multiple issues faced by them. Most users witnessed the network giving them a WS-116415-8 error message where they were unable to launch the digital games. Players who were in the middle of a heated match failed to understand what the error meant; many of them theorized that a system update had caused the PlayStation Network to go haywire.

Along with expressing their sentiments on the PlayStation Network outage, many users proceeded to adopt a more superstitious approach on Redditt and claimed that this sudden error comes almost 10 years after Sony had declared a PSN outage that had been caused by outside hackers. However, this was just a plausible theory suggested by a user, and nothing unusual was confirmed about the outage that occurred yesterday.

The PlayStation Network outage lasted for an hour or so, where many users claimed that they were able to log in successfully by 6: 40 PM ET. By quarter past seven, the official page of the network had also confirmed that the problem had been solved, and users could go back to playing their usual round of games.