Senior EU officials think that the UK Prime Minister is holding off to see whether Trump wins the election against Biden or not. Negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are still taking place. There are reports that there might be a breakthrough soon.

According to claims, the Prime Minister wants to wait until the result of US elections becomes clear.

Donald Trump is on good terms with PM Johnson and is highly supportive of the UK Prime Minister. Boris Johnson seems to believe that with Trump getting re-elected, things will go according to his plan as he may get a good deal with the US.

In comparison, if Biden becomes President, he would definitely give priority to rebuilding better terms with the EU. This would cause problems between the special relationship that the US and the UK have right now. Therefore, Johnson is in complete favor of President Trump winning the upcoming US elections.

PM Johnson Awaits the Results of the US Election Before a no-deal Brexit DecisionIvan Roger shared the same sentiment. He said that even though Biden is not anti-British, he is definitely not impressed by PM Johnson.

According to a former UK representative in Washington Kim Darroch, Joe Biden would rather favor a US deal with European Union than a US-UK deal. He further said that democrats are not in favor of Brexit. They would give priority to trade deals with the pacific region or EU, instead of the UK.

Jonathon Powell, a former UK diplomat gave his opinion on the matter. He informed that Joe Biden took a keen interest in Ireland due to his Irish antecedents. He sees it as an offense that PM Johnson threatened peace in Ireland for almost no reason.

Most foreign policy advisors around Joe Biden also do not seem to be fans of the UK Prime Minister. Most Democrats believe that the UK outside the EU has less impact and significance on a global level.

Foreign office and downing street officials completely deny such reports. They say that the UK will build a good relationship with the US despite a change in leadership. Another official called the US elections an internal matter of the country. He further said that the UK was trying to negotiate with the EU, keeping its goals in mind.