With such diverse types and terms used for describing a single dog breed– searching for the American pocket bully dog can be a tiring task and especially for those who are new to this breed. Having so many choices and options, where should begin searching?

Dogs are the pet favorites of us, humans, in a long line of possible animals to domesticate. They make up for 33% of all pet ownership, followed by cats, birds, and fish all coming after them. Among many rather special or considerably valuable breeds are some mixed breed dogs that less people know about. A pocket bully or American pocket bully is one of those dog breeds that are just as precious but less popular.

They are a mix of smaller Patterdale Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier. There are a few commonly asked questions people wonder about them according to stats and we will be answering them in this article today. Some questions about their origin, which breeds they come from, how they are in terms of temperament etc. will be answered. Read ahead to find out further related answers to your questions.

What is a pocket bully?  

Starting with the Pocket Bully’s origin, we already know it is a hybrid crossbreed. Usually, whenever an accidental crossbreed happens, the consequences are different than when it is done intentionally. Ethical breeding makes sure it is done safely and animals don’t get harmed or negatively impacted as a result of it. This one was done intentionally to get a mix of the American Pitbull with Patterdale to get the friendliness within a smaller size dog. 

The result is somewhat expected as the pocket pitbull is almost half in size of the American Pitbull usually. The sizes can vary as well because you cannot ensure one specific size, but the usual one remains within that scale.

There is no data to suggest where this breeding took place, no concrete stats to back that it took place within this time or place. Many believe it could be possible that there was accidental breeding between the two original breeds of dogs that led to people finding out about the possibility. After that, intentional breeding was done within the last few decades.

The original two breeds, the Patterdale Terrier and the American Pitbull are two common types of dogs around the country. Patterdale is a small and friendly dog, while pitbull is more muscular, bigger in size but very active in personality. The cross-breed makes many of those qualities from the two different breeds combine and makes for a strong but very friendly and loyal breed of dog.

Why are they referred to as ‘Nanny dogs’?

Many of you might have heard the term ‘Nanny dogs’, it is used for these precious furry buddies. Due to their extreme good-natured personality and tender treatment of kids, they are often called nanny dogs. They are very kind and sweet to kids, as well as other adults, but especially to children. All their behavior is due to their natural instincts of play and showering people with affection, therefore you can easily train and regulate their behavior based on that knowledge.

What is a pocket American bully’s lifespan?

Those dogs that are not pure-bred are more susceptible to health problems than those pedigrees that are a single breed. Thus, health concerns and issues are common just as they might be in other cross or mixed breed dogs. The pocket bully‘s lifespan is 11-13 years of age, which is not that bad but it’s definitely lower than other pure-breeds. There are some common issues with their health apart from the other major issues dogs, in general, suffer from.

A common condition they suffer from is Hypothyroidism, which is a hormonal issue in their bodies causing lower levels of some necessary hormones. The consequences of this disease may also depend upon the dog and its size but usually, they become very lethargic and out-of-energy sooner than they should be. It can also impact their fur or coat otherwise, and make them gain weight more than their bodily needs.

Another common issue among many hybrids or mixed breed dogs is the issue of the skull shape and size. Usually, the American pocket bully has a brachycephalic skull shape which means breathing could be a little difficult after exercise or running due to their small snout.

You can make sure you prevent them from getting overwhelmed after any exercise routine by making sure they have breaks, and time for rest while they play. For the former issue of hormone deficiency, you can maintain a diet that provides them with enough to be healthy as well as getting shots or hormone replacements.

What is their dietary requirement?

The pocket bully is really not that high maintenance in terms of their food intake or exercise to keep them healthy. Different dogs have different anatomies depending upon their size etc. but it’s not difficult to find out and learn about a specific breed.

The required number of calories for them a day is 400 because they’re really a small-sized breed. If you are giving it kibble, a good quality one, twice a day in just one cup is enough for them. Usually, dogs grow up fast and they size up really fast, but the Pocket Pitbull stays considerably smaller cute size because of which their diet is also smaller. If you have previous experience of dog ownership, it will be all the easier for you to take care of them. Their exercise and playtime are important for them.

They are quite muscular because of their origins, and not just need a source of energy but also need to spend it to keep things in momentum. You have to make sure you include a lot of play into their routine, even if not outdoors, you can inculcate running or other interactive activities inside your home. They don’t need specific training so long as their exercise routine is maintained.

What is the personality, coat, and temperament of pocket bullies?

The personality of these dogs is a good mix of friendliness while also maintaining the protective aura that Pitbulls originally have. They’re quite wise and a little social except for the close family that they might live with, with whom they tend to be extra friendly and jumpy. Despite their small size, they are muscular and strong in terms of physical strength, and also very protective of their human friends.

The pocket American bully is a very good-natured and friendly dog in temperament. They are not the scary aggressive wild animals that many people think them to be. As people also associate with their ancestors, the Pitbull itself.

Their prey drive is also considerably lower than that of the pitbull, which says a lot about their instincts. Even if there are issues of extra energy or such, you can make sure you include a good amount of playtime in their day so they feel stimulated enough.

Lastly, the coat on the pocket bullies is quite varying. American Pitbulls have just a smooth and short one, while the Patterdales have a more curly layer on top of their undercoat. Having one furry parent while another rather smooth-skinned one puts you at different odds of your own fate. It is however the same as it is for the color of any cross-breed, it differs and is prone to change for different cases.

Which dog registry recognizes them?

Most of the dog registry organizations work with pure-bred pedigree dogs and thus, do not register or recognize many crossbreeds and hybrid dogs. The Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, and many other organizations do not recognize the pocket pitbull due to its purebred nature. Meanwhile, there are some hybrid organizations that also do not consider some hybrid breeds.

American Canine Hybrid Club, The International Designer Canine Registry, and The National Hybrid Registry are all examples of organizations that recognize other hybrids but not the pocket bully.

There have been cross breed dogs around for a long while, which is why there are many crossbreed organizations. However, because the pocket pitbull is relevantly newer in terms of its origin, it does not have a specific organization yet. They are still recognized by many people as their demands have also risen over time. Their puppies are sold for $1,500 – $2,500 USD now, which is a huge amount for a crossbreed dog. It is also much higher than the American Pitbull puppy itself.

These were the most commonly asked questions regarding the Pocket Pitbull Bully dogs around. Hopefully, you have found this hopeful, whether you are looking to adopt or learn more about the hybrid breed.