Poland- 4 people lost their lives while around 19 were injured. The wounded had burn marks on their bodies and many were in critical condition. Many are still missing as the rescue operation continues.

It can be an alleged methane explosion that caused the blast inside the mine.

According to the reports, the blast took place around 12:15 am. The area of the blast was about 1000 meters under the mine.

The blast took place at the Pniowek mine located in Pawłowicz. It is operated and controlled by Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa.

The rescue operation was started immediately by 13 units as soon as the news was spread.

The JSW officials stated that 13 units were suspended from rescue operation because of their own security and to save the rescuers from the intensity of the fire

Seven rescuers have gone missing while trying to save other miners.

Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced that he will visit the mine soon where the “tragic occurrence” took place as well as boost up the morale of the people as the rescue operation at the explosion site is very difficult.

Deputy prime minister Jacek Sasin stated “Four miners died as a result of an explosion in the Pniowek Mine. The search for 7 others is ongoing… I join in prayer with the families and loved ones of the miners.”

The injured people were shifted to Siemianowice Slaskie hospital which is a specialist hospital in treating burn injuries. The doctors at the hospital stated that a few injured are still in critical condition and will have to remain in the hospital because of the severity of the wounds.

The life-threatening injuries have been suffered by the miners such as intense burns on their lungs and several other parts of the body.

Coal mining is one of the major industries of Poland as almost 70% of the country depends on it.

Most of the coal mines are located in the southern Silesia region. The Polish government has announced that it has decided to end coal imports from neighbor Russia after its deadly attack on Ukraine.