In India, police arrests Muslims and obstructing interfaith marriages according to the new regulations that forbid ‘love-jihad.’

Love jihad is a conspiracy theory formed by the Hindu right-wing. According to the theory, Muslim men marry Hindu women only so they can trick them into converting to Islam. The government has no evidence for this claim; the theory has been propagated under the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and is now being used as a justification for imposing this law in Uttar Pradesh. Other states in India ruled by BJP are also considering implementing this law.

Muslims In India Under the ‘Love-Jihad’ LawRecently, the police interrupted a marriage between two Muslims in Uttar Pradesh. The police arrested the man and he was tortured by the police under custody overnight. He was released when the family presented evidence that the woman was a Muslim as well.

There are concerns that this law is being misused to attack Muslims in particular since no Hindus have been arrested as of yet.

Moreover, after the law was passed an incident took place in Lucknow where the police disrupted a wedding between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man. Even though the families explained that the marriage would consist of Hindu and Muslim rituals both and they would not be converting their religions, the wedding was still prohibited from continuing.

According to reports, another case included a Muslim man being arrested and kept under 14 days of judicial custody on the charge that he had attempted to convert a Hindu woman to Islam and they had run off together last year. Her father was responsible for filing the case; however, the man claimed he had no connection to the woman.

Love-Jihad’ LawIn Moradabad, a Muslim man Rashid along with his brother were taken in by the police. Rashid was in the process of registering his marriage to a Hindu woman, who had accepted Islam. They were interrupted by Bajrang Dal, a right-wing Hindu group, while they were meeting a lawyer. They surrounded and confronted them and forcefully took them to the police station.

In Uttar Pradesh, Rashid has been jailed for allegedly forcibly converting his wife to Islam. The police took her to a shelter. According to reports, while the Bajrang Dal had been accosting them, she explained that she was an adult and she made the decision to get married herself and there was no coercion involved.