In a recent news update, officials have raised an estimated payout amount of $635 million ahead of Saturday’s drawing- the Powerball jackpot has increased to even a bigger amount due to the surge in ticket-buying.

In addition, the grand prize was estimated to be increased with the earlier speculations of $620 million, which portrays an upsurge in the total sales received from the players who were potentially attracted by the Jackpot payoff. Moreover, the news also says as more people come forward to buy tickets, the larger the prize of the Powerball jackpot grows!

In 2016, the total worth prize of the jackpot was estimated at $1.586 billion which was one of the 10th largest prizes ever won. However, it is still far less than the previous records.

Since the amount of the jackpot continues to increase, there are minimal chances of winning the jackpot which is estimated to be $292.2 million. However, there are certain reasons the jackpot has been increasing and a total of 39 drawings were made in a row without having a formal grand prize winner.

The total amount of the Powerball jackpot is referred to the winners who prefer to select the annuity option that is aimed at providing more than 30 payments for a 29 year time span. Nearly all winners are opting out for a cash prize, which will be drawn on Saturday night having an estimated amount of $450 million.

Powerball is mostly played in more than 40 states that include the Virgin Islands, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.