Due to this pandemic situation, the question in everyone’s mind is “When will we able to leave our homes?” So far there is no definite date for that. Experts and officials are predicting that even if we are able to slow the spread of the virus there will likely be a resurgence of cases fall. For travelers, the big questions for them are “How are we supposed to feel comfortable enough to fly again?”

So, the coronavirus cases in the US continue to increase but the doubling rates decreasing which helps us in flattened the curve. President Trump wants to open the economy but the Wall Street Journal officials advising that the re-emergence of the virus. Just recently Emirates became the first airline to begin on-site that are doing pre-boarding COVID-19 tests for the passengers from its DXB hub.

The airline using the techniques or quick techniques for testing blood results in 10 minutes. Once the test is done because some countries are requiring this test for entry. US frontier Airlines recently implemented a program that requires passengers to accept a health acknowledgment prior to completing check via website or app.

How airlines are keeping planes clean?

The growing coronavirus concern flew cautiously wiping down their seats, tray tables, and windows. They focus on the cleanliness of airplanes.

All of the domestic airplanes undergo the same interior fogging overnight that delta been using disinfect international aircraft. Before every flight aircraft will be cleaned using an extensive checklist. Spot checks will take place before each flight by a service agent and flight leader.

The cleaning contains the extended 30 point cleaning package that will go under deep cleansing. All air crafts undergo regularly scheduled cleaning. For international flight aircraft remain on airports overnight will get a more thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces. The soft surfaces include seats, seat belts, carpets and floor, windows, window shades, lavatories, galley and all within the surface, overhead bins, tray tables, inflight entertainment screen, passenger servicing unity including lights and ACs.

Sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be provided to every member of the crew. All airplanes will go through the cleaning of all touchpoints. United will also begin to utilize electrostatic sprays as an extra step for cleaning. Alaska also asking that passenger-only use anti-bacterial wipes. Frontier will check the temperature and also wash and sanitize hands before boarding the flight.