A prepaid card is a quick and easy alternative to a checking account. It lets you spend the money that you load onto the card in a convenient and secure way.

No banking history, no credit check, just straight cash ready for you to spend.

Netspend is the leading prepaid card in America. People choose Netspend to help them manage their finances. With over 10 million customers served, Netspend is looking to help even more families get through this economic recession financially stable.

Netspend is a leading provider of FDIC-insured Visa® Prepaid, Prepaid Mastercard®, and corporate prepaid card solutions through their issuing banks in the United States.

Who Is Netspend Best for:

  • Americans who need a payment card that does NOT allow you to go negative and does not charge overdraft fees.
  • Americans who have struggled managing their bank account at some point in their life

Why Netspend?

Here’s why over 10 million Americans are choosing Netspend in this economy.

  • 5% APY savings account
  • 130,000 reload locations for easy access to adding and withdrawing cash
  • Direct deposit – Get paid up to 2 days faster
  • No overdraft fees
  • No credit check
  • Get cashback

Prepaid cars can serve as a budgeting tool or can entirely replace your bank account – and only the best cards offer convenience while charging low fees.

Secure Online Shopping

Online shopping has been booming in recent years, especially with the pandemic keeping people at home. But there is always the fear of someone stealing your debit card information or the product never getting delivered.

Netspend can help you or a family member feel secure shopping online when using their prepaid card.