President Biden is gearing up to address Congress for the first time after moving into the White House in the middle of a pandemic. The White House has released a few excerpts prior to the address, where Biden is expected to explain how he helped the nation overcome the crisis and turned it into an opportunity.

According to the excerpts issued by the White House, President Biden will take the Congress and the viewers back to the day he took oath as the President, when he “inherited a nation of crisis,” referring to the pandemic that had almost destroyed the country and its economy.

He is also expected to talk about his predecessor’s tenure, which was inundated with a wave of conflicts and uncertainty. For this purpose, Biden will cite the Jan 6 Capitol attack as the manifestation of the instability prevalent in Trump’s rule, by terming it as the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Most presidents adhere to a common line when they take the oath: “The state of the union is strong.”

President Biden intends to compare the present situation of the U.S with what it was 100 days ago and inform the public and the parties about how the country has crossed miles to “be on the move again.”

In addition, Biden is also expected to unveil the contents of his $2 trillion infrastructure plan by declaring that this proposal will not only increase the number of jobs available in the country but also give the economy the push it needs.

His address will also contain dialogues that are meant to have a long-lasting impact on the people. President Biden will remind people of the past 100 days and note how he has transformed the country by turning impossible to possible during the pandemic. He believes that he has successfully crossed the stagnant waters and has effectively turned “crisis into opportunity” for the country as a whole.