President Joe Biden mocked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for admitting that his state home of Kentucky will receive a package from the American Rescue Plan, despite McConnell voting against it.

Biden had been in Illinois to increase awareness about the “Build Back Better” agenda and sell the infrastructure package and another “human infrastructure” package that Democrats hope to approve through reconciliation.

On Wednesday, Biden was on his visit to Crystal Lake, Illinois, which is represented by Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood.  After concluding his tour of the McHenry County College, Biden remained optimistic about the nation taking the infrastructure issue in serious regard, instead of brushing it off as done in the past. Biden’s speech was primarily focused on creating awareness about the “important” human infrastructure plan.

 He called it one of the key parts of his domestic agenda that he aims to put together in a reconciliation bill. According to him, success in the present era can only be achieved if the investment is made in resources, as well as the people.

When asked about the comments of Mitch McConnell on the infrastructure package, President Biden sheepishly said that the senator “loves” the program. He also added that McConnell has been acknowledging and supporting the plan, despite vehemently opposing its contents in the early phase.

Biden also pointedly called out McConnell during the speech for bragging about the amount of money coming from the plan by mimicking him.

On Tuesday, McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, was seen speaking of the American Rescue Plan,  and how it is going to help the poor of Kentucky which he rejected initially when proposed in March. He also promised that Republicans are going to put up a “hell of a fight” if Democrats try to pass an infrastructure bill. Moreover, he also referred to the division that will unravel in the coming weeks and how the “difference of opinion between the two parties” hasn’t ever been greater.