President Biden is all set to declare gun control policies on Thursday that are aimed to address several types of gun violence. According to an official, Biden will discuss various plans that are to be attained through a combination of executive and legislative actions.

The Justice Department has a vital role to play in this regard. President Biden is expected to direct the concerned authorities to issue regulations that stop the spread of these alleged ‘ghost guns’ within a month’s time.

These guns come in the form of kits that allow the user to assemble the gun using the provided parts. Stopping the spread of these guns is a high-priority initiative for Biden as these guns are devoid of serial numbers and hence, cannot be tracked.

With an unprecedented increase in the number of shooting incidents, President Biden has finally taken a key step in the right direction. He is expected to declare a set of gun control measures to be implemented across the United States.

The Department of Justice would be given two months to pass a regulation on steadying braces. Along with this, the Justice Department would also work towards developing an elaborate ‘red flag’ model that would give families and friends a chance to recognize a person as a potential threat, hence, stopping him/her from purchasing the weapon.

Apart from asking the DOJ to work on these tasks, the President himself would also work on a few important aspects of gun control measures. He will also discuss the steps his government is taking to stop shooting incidents in the future.

Moreover, President Biden is expected to motivate Congress to play its due part in the situation. However, if they fail to act, the President will not wait for them at any cost.

Earlier this week, the White House also issued a statement that read,

It is important to note that President Biden is not only concerned with gun violence, but also with community violence that has targeted minorities of the country since decades.