On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed a bill that offers Congress’ highest honor- The Congressional Gold Medal to officials who defended democracy during the Capitol attack. This decision comes nearly 7 months after Trump supporters executed a horrific attack on the Capitol.

During his concluding remarks at the White House Rose Garden, Biden emphasized the importance of understanding the “honest and unvarnished truth.” He also added how the Jan.6 attack put up an important test for democracy to thrive in face of the wrath of many alike.

While the attack has baffled the nation to a great extent, the democracy did manage to survive and it was only because of the men and women of the U.S Capitol Police, said Biden. He then went on to extend his profound gratitude to the officers for not only protecting the Capitol but also the Constitution.

The police officers also received greetings from other lawmakers whom they protected during the attack. From White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the bill was co-sponsored by several senators together.

The meeting also included the families of officers who lost their lives while protecting the Capitol. President Joe Biden’s speech also included condolences for the families of fallen officers, including the children of Capitol Police officer Billy Evans who were killed in a Capitol attack in April.

“I offer you, not only our condolences but recognize your courage. The courage of your children. And you have our most profound gratitude,”

declared Biden.

The bipartisan regulation has confirmed the creation of four medals in this regard. These medals would be for the Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, and Smithsonian respectively.

According to President Joe Biden, these medals hold as a real reminder of the Capitol attack. Vice President Kamala Harris also gave her remarks ahead of Biden, which included the perseverance of Capitol officers to uphold the American democracy.

Harris affirmed that the Capitol officers worked till the late hours of the night to secure the Capitol. Thus, for their impeccable service and unparalleled “courage,” it is important for the whole of America to remember them as the true heroes of the country.