President of France, Emmanuel Macron has appealed to the neighboring European nations to come forward and help them combat illegal migration into France which resulted in the death of 27 people at the sea. The dead included children as well as pregnant women.

President Macron stated that France is a “transit country” for people trying to reach the soils of Britain illegally. He stated that by the time migrants arrive on the soil of France, “it is already too late.”

President Macron addressed the issue just a day after the deadliest migration tragedy to date which took place at the English Channel which separates Britain from France.

President Macron further stated that his government is planning to deploy drones in lieu to step up the efforts of patrolling the northern French coastline which will help in rescuing the migrants in the sea.

“We need to strengthen cooperation with Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, but also the British and the (European) Commission,” he said while visiting Croatia. “We need stronger European cooperation.”

“France has never had so many officers mobilized against illegal migration and its commitment is “total,” he said. But he also made it clear that he wants more help.

“When these women and men arrive on the shores of the English Channel it is already too late,” he said

The French president described the deadly migrant tragedy in the seas as “victims of the worst system, that of smugglers and human traffickers.”

According to the prosecutors’ office in France, the investigation stated that the recent sinking in the English Channel resulted in 27 deaths which included 17 men, two boys, and a girl whereas 7 women were also part of the dead including pregnant women.

The magistrates are investigating the case in detail to find potential shreds of evidence of unintentional wounding, homicide, criminal conspiracy, and illegal migration.

Gerald Darmanin, the Interior Minister of France stated that pregnant women and children were among the victims. He also said that suspected smugglers have been arrested and the authorities are investigating in determining the nationalities of the victims.