People have been outraged after the recent presidential debate when Trump did not clearly denounce the violent groups accused of white supremacy.

This was in response to a question asked by the debate moderator. The president was asked to speak on the white supremacist and militia groups, quoting the incidents at Wisconsin and Kenosha. He replied by putting the blame on the anti-fascist movement called ‘Antifa’.

He was also asked about the ‘Proud Boys’, a right-wing extremist group, which consists of male-only neo-fascist members. Trump, however, denied that the group was associated with the right-wing and accused them of being Antifa as well.

He also blames Joe Biden and the Democrats for instances of street violence during peaceful protests to encourage people to vote for him as he urges that people will not be safe if Joe Biden wins.

Moreover, the Proud Boys also took his statements as support for their cause and further continued to change their logo by adding Trump’s words ‘Stand Back’ and ‘Stand By’. The president said these words when he was asked to comment on the Proud Boys.

In 2017, a protest took place in Charlottesville, Virginia where white supremacists and the opposing parties were both present. A counter-protester was murdered during this and Trump was reported to say that there were ‘very fine people’ on both sides. Joe Biden’s decision to run was influenced by this incident.

Presidential Debate Trump Avoids Condemning White Supremacy

Trump also claimed that no law enforcement groups have come out in support of Biden because he does not speak on law and order and steers clear of the subject. Biden however argued that his focus is more on justice.

According to the director of the FBI, most of the violence during a peaceful protest has been incited by the white supremacists as well as anti-government extremists. Biden believes that Antifa is not an organization but an idea that numerous people support. However, Trump is urging the federal government to declare Antifa a terrorist organization.

During the presidential debate, Biden also accused Trump of supporting racial injustice as his administration removed racial sensitivity training in the federal government.